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vo_opengl: get rid of approx-gamma and make it the default as per BT.1886
After finding out more about how video mastering is done in the real world it dawned upon me why the "hack" we figured out in #534 looks so much better. Since mastering studios have historically been using only CRTs, the practice adopted for backwards compatibility was to simulate CRT responses even on modern digital monitors, a practice so ubiquitous that the ITU-R formalized it in R-Rec BT.1886 to be precisely gamma 2.40. As such, we finally have enough proof to get rid of the option altogether and just always do that. The value 1.961 is a rounded version of my experimentally obtained approximation of the BT.709 curve, which resulted in a value of around 1.9610336. This is the closest average match to the source brightness while preserving the nonlinear response of the BT.1886 ideal monitor. For playback in dark environments, it's expected that the gamma shift should be reproduced by a user controlled setting, up to a maximum of 1.224 (2.4/1.961) for a pitch black environment. More information:
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--- a/video/csputils.h
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@@ -69,8 +69,7 @@ enum mp_csp_prim {
enum mp_csp_trc {
+ MP_CSP_TRC_BT_1886,