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sub: do not ignore demuxer wakeupsHEADmaster
Setting demux_set_stream_wakeup_cb() will make all sh_stream (i.e. track) specific wakeups go to this callback. But the callback takes care of only the sub_preload() case (where it tries to pre-load subtitles from already parsed and memory-present subtitles in a blocking way). The old code assumed that the normal demuxer wakeup callback is called. This was disregarded when the newer code was added. (And actually, the original plan was to make _all_ per-sh_stream wakeups go to specialized callbacks to avoid wasted work. dec_sub really should set the callback always, and propagate wakeups to the playloop code. But it's too far into the night to write coherent code.) I couldn't actually observe any manifestation of this bug. Normally, the playloop wakes up for other reasons (such as driving audio and video decoding), so the lost wakeups rarely matter.
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