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authorUoti Urpala <>2011-08-19 03:01:16 +0300
committerUoti Urpala <>2011-08-19 03:01:16 +0300
commit6ec60c976f6fa990ed1c7efa0ceb7e7634d163c7 (patch)
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talloc.[ch]: remove "type safety" hack that violates C types
The destructors used by talloc take a "void *" first parameter. However talloc.h had a #define hack that treated the destructor as a function taking first parameter of type "typeof(ptr)" where ptr is the pointer the destructor is set for. I suppose this was done to add some kind of "type safety" against adding a destructor expecting another type of pointer; however this hack is questionable and violates the real C level typing. Remove the hack from the header and adjust talloc.c to avoid a warning about a C type violation that became visible after removing the hack.
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diff --git a/talloc.h b/talloc.h
index 8c6d405040..b60e0fb040 100644
--- a/talloc.h
+++ b/talloc.h
@@ -70,20 +70,15 @@ typedef void TALLOC_CTX;
if we have a recent gcc */
#if (__GNUC__ >= 3)
#define _TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr) __typeof__(ptr)
-#define talloc_set_destructor(ptr, function) \
- do { \
- int (*_talloc_destructor_fn)(_TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr)) = (function); \
- _talloc_set_destructor((ptr), (int (*)(void *))_talloc_destructor_fn); \
- } while(0)
/* this extremely strange macro is to avoid some braindamaged warning
stupidity in gcc 4.1.x */
#define talloc_steal(ctx, ptr) ({ _TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr) __talloc_steal_ret = (_TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr))_talloc_steal((ctx),(ptr)); __talloc_steal_ret; })
-#define talloc_set_destructor(ptr, function) \
- _talloc_set_destructor((ptr), (int (*)(void *))(function))
#define _TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr) void *
#define talloc_steal(ctx, ptr) (_TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr))_talloc_steal((ctx),(ptr))
+#define talloc_set_destructor(ptr, function) \
+ _talloc_set_destructor((ptr), (function))
#define talloc_reference(ctx, ptr) (_TALLOC_TYPEOF(ptr))_talloc_reference((ctx),(ptr))
#define talloc_move(ctx, ptr) (_TALLOC_TYPEOF(*(ptr)))_talloc_move((ctx),(void *)(ptr))