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sub: move paletted image handling completely to sd_lavc.c
Until now, subtitle renderers could export SUBBITMAP_INDEXED, which is a 8 bit per pixel with palette format. sd_lavc.c was the only renderer doing this, and the result was converted to RGBA in every use-case (except maybe when the subtitles were hidden.) Change it so that sd_lavc.c converts to RGBA on its own. This simplifies everything a bit, and the palette handling can be removed from the common code. This is also preparation for making subtitle images refcounted. The "caching" in img_convert.c is a PITA in this respect, and needs to be redone. So getting rid of some img_convert.c code is a positive side- effect. Also related to refcounted subtitles is packing them into a single mp_image. Fewer objects to refcount is easier, and for the libass format the same will be done. The plan is to remove manual packing from the VOs which need single images entirely.
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diff --git a/sub/img_convert.h b/sub/img_convert.h
index 85ba5bb828..d5baadced2 100644
--- a/sub/img_convert.h
+++ b/sub/img_convert.h
@@ -11,13 +11,11 @@ struct osd_conv_cache *osd_conv_cache_new(void);
// These functions convert from one OSD format to another. On success, they copy
// the converted image data into c, and change imgs to point to the data.
-bool osd_conv_idx_to_rgba(struct osd_conv_cache *c, struct sub_bitmaps *imgs);
bool osd_conv_ass_to_rgba(struct osd_conv_cache *c, struct sub_bitmaps *imgs);
// Sub postprocessing
bool osd_conv_blur_rgba(struct osd_conv_cache *c, struct sub_bitmaps *imgs,
double gblur);
bool osd_scale_rgba(struct osd_conv_cache *c, struct sub_bitmaps *imgs);
-bool osd_conv_idx_to_gray(struct osd_conv_cache *c, struct sub_bitmaps *imgs);
bool mp_sub_bitmaps_bb(struct sub_bitmaps *imgs, struct mp_rect *out_bb);