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committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2013-06-03 22:40:02 +0200
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sub: turn subassconvert_ functions into sub converters
This means subassconvert.c is split in sd_srt.c and sd_microdvd.c. Now this code is involved in the sub conversion chain like sd_movtext is. The invocation of the converter in sd_ass.c is removed. This requires some other changes to make the new sub converter code work with loading external subtitles. Until now, subtitles loaded via subreader.c was assumed to be in plaintext, or for some formats, in ASS (except in -no-ass mode). Then these were added to an ASS_Track. Change this so that subtitles are always in their original format (as far as decoders/converters for them are available), and turn every sub event read by subreader.c as packet to the dec_sub.c subtitle chain. This removes differences between external/demuxed and -ass/-no-ass code paths further.
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diff --git a/sub/ass_mp.h b/sub/ass_mp.h
index 0f67b17fe1..4b31a832a4 100644
--- a/sub/ass_mp.h
+++ b/sub/ass_mp.h
@@ -47,8 +47,6 @@ struct osd_style_opts;
void mp_ass_set_style(ASS_Style *style, struct osd_style_opts *opts);
ASS_Track *mp_ass_default_track(ASS_Library *library, struct MPOpts *opts);
-ASS_Track *mp_ass_read_subdata(ASS_Library *library, struct MPOpts *opts,
- sub_data *subdata, double fps);
ASS_Track *mp_ass_read_stream(ASS_Library *library, const char *fname,
char *charset);