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Copyright, LICENSE: switch to GPL version 2 or later
Now that talloc has been removed, the license can be switched back to GPLv2+. Actually, there never was a GPLv2+ licensed MPlayer (fork or not) until now, but removal of some GPLv2-only code makes this possible now. Rewrite the Copyright file to explain the reasons for the licenses MPlayer and forks use. The old Copyright file didn't contain anything interesting anymore, and all information it contained is available at other places in the source tree. The reason for the license change itself is that it should improve interoperability with differently licensed code in general. This essentially reverts commit 1752808.
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Original authors: Nico, probably Arpi
-The latest version can be found at
+Some code based on dvbstream, 0.4.3-pre3 (CVS checkout),
Modified for use with MPlayer, for details see the changelog at