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player: remove ASX, SMIL and NSC playlist parsers
These playlist parsers are all what's left from the old mplayer playlist parsing code. All of it is old code that does little error checking; the type of C string parsing code that gives you nightmare. Some playlist parsers have been rewritten and are located in demux_playlist.c. The removed formats were not reimplemented. ASX and SMIL use XML, and since we don't want to depend on a full blown XML parser, this is not so easy. Possibly these formats could be supported by writing a very primitive XML-like lexer, which would lead to success with most real world files, but I haven't attempted that. As for NSC, I couldn't find any URL that worked with MPlayer, and in general this formats seems to be more than dead. Move playlist_parse_file() to playlist.c. It's pretty small now, and basically just opens a stream and a demuxer. No use keeping playlist_parser.c just for this.
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