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authorulion <ulion@b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2>2007-12-15 12:17:51 +0000
committerulion <ulion@b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2>2007-12-15 12:17:51 +0000
commit9c189c49bfeb1f07753952734881218af3d2358d (patch)
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parent25a4519cd9a8ce945e61e9bedf91188c9655f74e (diff)
The buffer used for pread need be aligned, but currently it got an offset 23
to the structure head. This will cause the pread always got random data on some machines (such as my iMac G5 PPC with 10.5 os) so can not play vcd. I also tried use DKIOCCDREAD ioctl call, but the result is same -- buffer need be aligned. It could be a bug of os x or its dev lib. Now fix this problem by move the buffer to a good aligned position in structure. git-svn-id: svn:// b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2
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diff --git a/stream/vcd_read_darwin.h b/stream/vcd_read_darwin.h
index ffad3f4433..24f4157402 100644
--- a/stream/vcd_read_darwin.h
+++ b/stream/vcd_read_darwin.h
@@ -21,9 +21,9 @@ typedef struct
typedef struct mp_vcd_priv_st
int fd;
+ cdsector_t buf;
dk_cd_read_track_info_t entry;
CDMSF msf;
- cdsector_t buf;
} mp_vcd_priv_t;
static inline void vcd_set_msf(mp_vcd_priv_t* vcd, unsigned int sect)