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authorvoroshil <voroshil@b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2>2007-06-21 08:18:51 +0000
committervoroshil <voroshil@b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2>2007-06-21 08:18:51 +0000
commit2f76cfc28a0466ad6dfdb7edc7affe91983d6eaa (patch)
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Revert r23530.
r23530 breaks policy: notification was not sent to mailing list, agreements of other devs were not received. Code also should be reviewed/cleaned up/fixed. git-svn-id: svn:// b3059339-0415-0410-9bf9-f77b7e298cf2
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diff --git a/stream/tv.h b/stream/tv.h
index 63e9afe78a..942060b37a 100644
--- a/stream/tv.h
+++ b/stream/tv.h
@@ -43,11 +43,6 @@ extern int tv_param_alsa;
extern char* tv_param_adevice;
-extern char* tv_param_tdevice; ///< teletext vbi device
-extern char* tv_param_tformat; ///< format: text,bw,gray,color
-extern int tv_param_tpage; ///< page number
extern int tv_param_brightness;
extern int tv_param_contrast;
extern int tv_param_hue;
@@ -77,9 +72,6 @@ typedef struct tvi_functions_s
typedef struct tvi_handle_s {
tvi_functions_t *functions;
void *priv;
- void *priv_vbi;
int seq;
/* specific */
@@ -98,18 +90,6 @@ typedef struct tv_channels_s {
struct tv_channels_s *prev;
} tv_channels_t;
-typedef struct tv_teletext_img_s {
- void* canvas;
- int tformat;
- int columns;
- int rows;
- int height;
- int width;
- int half;
-} tv_teletext_img_t;
extern tv_channels_t *tv_channel_list;
extern tv_channels_t *tv_channel_current, *tv_channel_last;
extern char *tv_channel_last_real;
@@ -173,31 +153,6 @@ extern char *tv_channel_last_real;
#define TVI_CONTROL_SPC_SET_INPUT 0x402 /* set input channel (tv,s-video,composite..) */
#define TVI_CONTROL_SPC_GET_NORMID 0x403 /* get normid from norm name */
-/* TELETEXT controls */
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_SET_MODE 0x501 ///< on/off grab teletext
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_MODE 0x502 ///< get current mode teletext
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_STEP_MODE 0x503 ///< step teletext mode
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_SET_PAGE 0x504 ///< set grab teletext page number
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_STEP_PAGE 0x505 ///< step grab teletext page number
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_PAGE 0x506 ///< get grabbed teletext page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_SET_FORMAT 0x507 ///< set teletext format
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_STEP_FORMAT 0x508 ///< step teletext format
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_FORMAT 0x509 ///< get eletext format
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_HALF_PAGE 0x50a ///< get current half page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_STEP_HALF_PAGE 0x50b ///< switch half page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_SET_HALF_PAGE 0x50c ///< switch half page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_ADD_DEC 0x50d ///< add page number with dec
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GO_LINK 0x50e ///< go link (1..6)
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_TXTPAGE 0x50f ///< get grabbed text teletext page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_IMGPAGE 0x510 ///< get grabbed image teletext page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_GET_VBIPAGE 0x511 ///< get vbi_image for grabbed teletext page
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_RESET 0x512 ///< vbi reset
-#define TVI_CONTROL_VBI_START 0x513 ///< vbi start
extern tvi_handle_t *tv_begin(void);
extern int tv_init(tvi_handle_t *tvh);
extern int tv_uninit(tvi_handle_t *tvh);
@@ -228,20 +183,6 @@ int tv_step_freq(tvi_handle_t *tvh, float step_interval);
int tv_set_norm(tvi_handle_t *tvh, char* norm);
-int tv_teletext_control(tvi_handle_t* tvh, int control,void* arg);
-/// add dec to pageno
-int tv_teletext_add_dec(tvi_handle_t *tvh, char *dec);
-/// go link
-int tv_teletext_go_link(tvi_handle_t *tvh, int linkno);
-/// get current vbi_page
-void* tv_get_teletext_vbipage(tvi_handle_t *tvh);
-/// get current page text
-char* tv_get_teletext_txtpage(tvi_handle_t *tvh);
-/// get current page image (RGB32_LB format)
-tv_teletext_img_t* tv_get_teletext_imgpage(tvi_handle_t *tvh);
#define TV_NORM_PAL 1
#define TV_NORM_NTSC 2
#define TV_NORM_SECAM 3