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core: fix DVD subtitle selection
Add all subtitle tracks as reported by libdvdread at playback start. Display language for subtitle and audio tracks. This commit restores these features to the state when demux_mpg was default for DVD playback, and makes them work with demux_lavf and the recent changes to subtitle selection in the frontend. demux_mpg, which was the default demuxer for DVD playback, reordered the subtitle streams according to the "logical" subtitle track number, which conforms to the track layout reported by libdvdread, and is what stream_dvd expects for the STREAM_CTRL_GET_LANG call. demux_lavf, on the other hand, adds the streams in the order it encounters them in the MPEG stream. It seems this order is essentially random, and can't be mapped easily to what stream_dvd expects. Solve this by making demux_lavf hand out the MPEG stream IDs (using the demuxer_id field). The MPEG IDs are mapped by mplayer.c by special casing DVD playback (map_id_from/to_demuxer() functions). This mapping is essentially the same what demux_mpg did. Making demux_lavf reorder the streams is out of the question, because its stream handling is already messy enough. (Note that demux_lavf doesn't export stream IDs for other formats, because most time libavformat demuxers do not set, and we don't know which demuxers do. But we know that MPEG is safe.) Another major complication is that subtitle tracks are added lazily, as soon as the demuxer encounters the first subtitle packet for a given subtitle stream. Add the streams in advance. If a yet non-existent stream is selected, demux_lavf must be made to auto-select that subtitle stream as soon as it is added. Otherwise, the first subtitle packet would be lost. This is done by DEMUXER_CTRL_PRESELECT_SUBTITLE. demux_mpg didn't need this: the frontend code could just set ds->id to the desired stream number. But demux_lavf's stream IDs don't map directly to the stream number as used by libdvdread, which is why this hack is needed.
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diff --git a/stream/stream.h b/stream/stream.h
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--- a/stream/stream.h
+++ b/stream/stream.h
@@ -96,13 +96,8 @@
-enum stream_ctrl_type {
- stream_ctrl_audio,
- stream_ctrl_sub,
struct stream_lang_req {
- enum stream_ctrl_type type;
int id;
char *name;