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authorUoti Urpala <uau@glyph.nonexistent.invalid>2009-02-18 01:07:37 +0200
committerUoti Urpala <uau@glyph.nonexistent.invalid>2009-02-18 01:45:36 +0200
commit186e5a998c8424b3c850b62d6f5755a0928cd64c (patch)
treecabc9881fb5ed2c6dbe5f771323a55c50136a091 /stream/stream.h
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parente5ee1232c5e00e730d69cf57767b1ee3ab5b4e16 (diff)
Merge svn changes up to r28641
Convert vo_x11_border (used in vo_gl/gl2 though the vo_gl_border macro) to use a wrapper macro in old-style VOs which do not provide a VO object argument. Before this function had an explicit global_vo argument in vo_gl/gl2. New vo_vdpau uses it too so use the same mechanism as most other functions.
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diff --git a/stream/stream.h b/stream/stream.h
index 87cda3637a..46e580028a 100644
--- a/stream/stream.h
+++ b/stream/stream.h
@@ -225,7 +225,7 @@ inline static int stream_read(stream_t *s,char* mem,int total){
inline static unsigned char* stream_read_line(stream_t *s,unsigned char* mem, int max) {
int len;
- unsigned char* end,*ptr = mem;;
+ unsigned char* end,*ptr = mem;
do {
len = s->buf_len-s->buf_pos;
// try to fill the buffer