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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2016-09-09 10:59:09 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2016-09-09 12:27:41 +0200
commitea94b01e6b39857028b5511ffb2d42ca491cf111 (patch)
treedac7625acc93aada9b075800ea4b00ccf146e716 /player/video.c
parent5e30e7a04125e3c503160a76bbfe9361bff561fd (diff)
client API: make mpv_opengl_cb_uninit_gl() behavior slightly nicer
Instead of deselecting the video stream plainly, use the slightly more robust error_on_track() function. Also give it an error code (although I'm not sure if this one is confusing, it's better than the one before).
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diff --git a/player/video.c b/player/video.c
index 69f3d8cc9e..342ff66ce4 100644
--- a/player/video.c
+++ b/player/video.c
@@ -410,6 +410,10 @@ int init_video_decoder(struct MPContext *mpctx, struct track *track)
d_video->header = track->stream;
d_video->codec = track->stream->codec;
d_video->fps = d_video->header->codec->fps;
+ // Note: at least mpv_opengl_cb_uninit_gl() relies on being able to get
+ // rid of all references to the VO by destroying the VO chain. Thus,
+ // decoders not linked to vo_chain must not use the hwdec context.
if (mpctx->vo_chain)
d_video->hwdec_devs = mpctx->vo_chain->hwdec_devs;