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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2017-12-29 15:39:38 +0100
committerKevin Mitchell <>2018-01-02 14:27:37 -0800
commit3bf7df4a5e1f46248c78e9e596cd8dab6ff57356 (patch)
tree1b49e9e053e063b397552038c7f3309878d65c86 /player/sub.c
parent828bd2963cd10a851e0a977809687aed4d377dc3 (diff)
sub: move all subtitle timestamp messing code to a central place
It was split at least across osd.c and sd_ass.c/sd_lavc.c. sd_lavc.c actually ignored most of the more obscure subtitle timing things. There's no reason for this - just move it all to dec_sub.c (mostly from sd_ass.c, because it has some of the most complex stuff). Now timestamps are transformed as they enter or leave dec_sub.c. There appear to have been some subtle mismatches about how subtitle timestamps were transformed, e.g. sd_functions.accepts_packet didn't apply the subtitle speed to the timestamp. This patch should fix them, although it's not clear if they caused actual misbehavior. The semantics of SD_CTRL_SUB_STEP are slightly changed, which is the reason for the changes in command.c and sd_lavc.c.
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1 files changed, 0 insertions, 3 deletions
diff --git a/player/sub.c b/player/sub.c
index 2702e7bf55..0de02ea61b 100644
--- a/player/sub.c
+++ b/player/sub.c
@@ -84,7 +84,6 @@ void uninit_sub_all(struct MPContext *mpctx)
static bool update_subtitle(struct MPContext *mpctx, double video_pts,
struct track *track)
- struct MPOpts *opts = mpctx->opts;
struct dec_sub *dec_sub = track ? track->d_sub : NULL;
if (!dec_sub || video_pts == MP_NOPTS_VALUE)
@@ -96,8 +95,6 @@ static bool update_subtitle(struct MPContext *mpctx, double video_pts,
sub_control(dec_sub, SD_CTRL_SET_VIDEO_PARAMS, &params);
- video_pts -= opts->sub_delay;
if (track->demuxer->fully_read && sub_can_preload(dec_sub)) {
// Assume fully_read implies no interleaved audio/video streams.
// (Reading packets will change the demuxer position.)