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wayland: don't set mouse pos on state changeHEADmaster
Sway 1.5 started sending more pointer motion events to mpv which broke the autohiding behavior. The cursor would appear again if you fullscreened. Sway had a good reason to do this because certain applications had inconsistencies between hardware cursor and software cursor without rebasing on state changes[1]. So mpv needs to take this special case into consideration. Initially, simply checking mouse coordinates for changes was considered, but this doesn't work. All coordinates are surface-local in wayland so something can appear to move in the local coordinate space but not globally. You're not allowed to know global mouse coordinates in wayland, and we don't care about local coordinate changes in mpv so this approach isn't viable. Instead, let's just keep track of a local state change. If the toplevel surface changes in some way (fullscreen, maximized, etc.), then just set a bool that lets us ignore the mp_input_set_mouse_pos function. This keeps the cursor from appearing simply because the state was changed (i.e. fullscreening). For compositors that don't send pointer motion events on a state change, this does technically mean that the initial mp_input_set_mouse_pos is never set. In practice, this isn't a noticeable difference though because moving a mouse generates a ton of motion events so you'll immediately see it on the second motion event. [1]
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