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scripting: remove race condition when toggling internal scripts
Scripts such as the OSC can be loaded and unloaded at runtime by toggling the option that enables them. (It even works, although normally it's only used to control initial loading.) Unloading was racy because it used the client name; fix this. The load-script change is an accidental feature. And probably useless.
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diff --git a/player/client.h b/player/client.h
index 47af084cc5..ddc568e975 100644
--- a/player/client.h
+++ b/player/client.h
@@ -23,7 +23,6 @@ void mp_shutdown_clients(struct MPContext *mpctx);
bool mp_is_shutting_down(struct MPContext *mpctx);
bool mp_clients_all_initialized(struct MPContext *mpctx);
-bool mp_client_exists(struct MPContext *mpctx, const char *client_name);
bool mp_client_id_exists(struct MPContext *mpctx, int64_t id);
void mp_client_broadcast_event(struct MPContext *mpctx, int event, void *data);
int mp_client_send_event(struct MPContext *mpctx, const char *client_name,