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authorStefano Pigozzi <>2013-06-03 00:52:40 +0200
committerStefano Pigozzi <>2013-06-03 22:35:47 +0200
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treed62395e98d5ee0ae58a5779bd8b472ee90aa9a80 /osdep/macosx_events.h
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osx: add Apple Remote support
After killing the non functional AR support in c8fd9e5 I got much complaints so this adds AR support back in (and it works). I am using the HIDRemote class by Felix Schwarz and that part of the code is under the BSD license. I slightly modified it replacing [NSApplication sharedApplication] with NSApp. The code of the class is quite complex (probably because it had to deal with all the edge cases with IOKit) but it works nicely as a black box. In a later commit I'll remove the deprecation warnings caused by HIDRemote's usage of Gestalt. Check out `etc/input.conf` for the default bindings. Apple Remote functionality is automatically compiled in when cocoa is enabled. It can be disabled at runtime with the `--no-ar` option.
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diff --git a/osdep/macosx_events.h b/osdep/macosx_events.h
index 70656e28fd..9557aeab5c 100644
--- a/osdep/macosx_events.h
+++ b/osdep/macosx_events.h
@@ -23,5 +23,7 @@
void cocoa_put_key(int keycode);
void cocoa_check_events(void);
+void cocoa_start_apple_remote(void);
+void cocoa_stop_apple_remote(void);