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player: redo terminal OSD and status line handling
The terminal OSD code includes the handling of the terminal status line, showing player OSD messages on the terminal, and showing subtitles on terminal (the latter two only if there is no video window, or if terminal OSD is forced). This didn't handle some corner cases correctly. For example, showing an OSD message on the terminal always cleared the previous line, even if the line was an important message (or even just the command prompt, if most other messages were silenced). Attempt to handle this correctly by keeping track of how many lines the terminal OSD currently consists of. Since there could be race conditions with other messages being printed, implement this in msg.c. Now msg.c expects that MSGL_STATUS messages rewrite the status line, so the caller is forced to use a single mp_msg() call to set the status line. Instead of littering print_status() all over the place, update the status only once per playloop iteration in update_osd_msg(). In audio- only mode, the status line might now be a little bit off, but it's perhaps ok. Print the status line only if it has changed, or if another message was printed. This might help with extremely slow terminals, although in audio+video mode, it'll still be updated very often (A-V sync display changes on every frame). Instead of hardcoding the terminal sequences, use terminfo/termcap to get the sequences. Remove the --term-osd-esc option, which allowed to override the hardcoded escapes - it's useless now. The fallback for terminals with no escape sequences for moving the cursor and clearing a line is removed. This somewhat breaks status line display on these terminals, including the MS Windows console: instead of querying the terminal size and clearing the line manually by padding the output with spaces, the line is simply not cleared. I don't expect this to be a problem on UNIX, and on MS Windows we could emulate escape sequences. Note that terminal OSD (other than the status line) was broken anyway on these terminals. In osd.c, the function get_term_width() is not used anymore, so remove it. To remind us that the MS Windows console apparently adds a line break when writint the last column, adjust screen_width in terminal- win.c accordingly.
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diff --git a/options/options.h b/options/options.h
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--- a/options/options.h
+++ b/options/options.h
@@ -124,7 +124,6 @@ typedef struct MPOpts {
int softsleep;
int frame_dropping;
int term_osd;
- char *term_osd_esc;
char *playing_msg;
char *status_msg;
char *osd_status_msg;