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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2018-05-20 20:50:01 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2018-05-24 19:56:35 +0200
commit4cb264a3ff35cd1dcd8a41f87fb87791920d5156 (patch)
treebc8e4f3b1b1cec8915923207064746cc98179933 /options/m_config.h
parent707b404820a56ca3dfa22fc5f18e68186dbae51d (diff)
m_config: remove an old temporary hack
Actually rewrite most of the option management code. This affects how options are allocated, and how thread-safe access to them is done. One thing that is nicer is that creating m_config_cache does not need to ridiculously recreate and store the entire option list again. Instead, option metadata and option storage are now separated. m_config contains the metadata, and m_config_data all or parts of the actual option values. (m_config_cache simply uses the metadata part of m_config, which is immutable after creation.) The mentioned hack was introduced in commit 1a2319f3e4cc4, and is the global state around g_group_mutex. Although it was "benign" global state, it's good that it's finally removed.
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1 files changed, 13 insertions, 11 deletions
diff --git a/options/m_config.h b/options/m_config.h
index 1f6f5157a3..2c4531ff86 100644
--- a/options/m_config.h
+++ b/options/m_config.h
@@ -43,8 +43,7 @@ struct m_config_option {
bool is_set_from_config : 1; // Set by a config file
bool is_set_locally : 1; // Has a backup entry
bool warning_was_printed : 1;
- int16_t shadow_offset; // Offset into
- int16_t group; // Index into m_config.groups
+ int16_t group_index; // Index into m_config.groups
const char *name; // Full name (ie option-subopt)
const struct m_option *opt; // Option description
void *data; // Raw value of the option
@@ -94,14 +93,17 @@ typedef struct m_config {
void *optstruct; // struct mpopts or other
- int shadow_size;
- // List of m_sub_options instances.
+ // Private. List of m_sub_options instances.
// Index 0 is the top-level and is always present.
+ // Immutable after init.
+ // Invariant: a parent is always at a lower index than any of its children.
struct m_config_group *groups;
int num_groups;
- // Thread-safe shadow memory; only set for the main m_config.
+ // Private. Non-NULL if data was allocated. uses it.
+ struct m_config_data *data;
+ // Private. Thread-safe shadow memory; only set for the main m_config.
struct m_config_shadow *shadow;
} m_config_t;
@@ -264,14 +266,13 @@ struct mpv_node m_config_get_profiles(struct m_config *config);
// the cache itself is allowed.
struct m_config_cache {
// The struct as indicated by m_config_cache_alloc's group parameter.
+ // (Internally the same as data->gdata[0]->udata.)
void *opts;
// Internal.
- struct m_config_shadow *shadow;
- struct m_config *shadow_config;
- long long ts;
- int group;
- bool in_list;
+ struct m_config_shadow *shadow; // real data
+ struct m_config_data *data; // copy for the cache user
+ bool in_list; // registered as listener with root config
// --- Implicitly synchronized by setting/unsetting wakeup_cb.
struct mp_dispatch_queue *wakeup_dispatch_queue;
void (*wakeup_dispatch_cb)(void *ctx);
@@ -320,6 +321,7 @@ bool m_config_cache_update(struct m_config_cache *cache);
// Like m_config_cache_alloc(), but return the struct (m_config_cache->opts)
// directly, with no way to update the config. Basically this returns a copy
// with a snapshot of the current option values.
+// group==NULL is a special case, and always returns the root group.
void *mp_get_config_group(void *ta_parent, struct mpv_global *global,
const struct m_sub_options *group);