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ao_alsa: disable ALSA resampling by default again
This partially reverts commit 7d152965. It turns out that at least some ALSA drivers (at least snd-hda-intel) report incorrect audio delay with non-native sample rates, even if the sample rate is only very slightly different from the native one. For example, 48000Hz is fine on my hda-intel system, while both 8000Hz and 47999Hz lead to a delay off by 40ms (according to mpv's A/V difference display), which suggests that something in ALSA is calculating the delay using the wrong sample rate. As an additional problem, with ALSA resampling enabled, using 48001Hz/float/2ch fails, while 49000Hz/float/2ch or 48001Hz/s16/2ch work. With resampling disabled, all these cases work obviously, because our own resampler doesn't just refuse any of these formats. Since some people want to use the ALSA resampler (because it's highly configurable, supports multiple backends, etc.), we still allow enabling ALSA resampling with an ao_alsa suboption.
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