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Take care of some libavutil deprecations, drop support for FFmpeg 1.0
PIX_FMT_* -> AV_PIX_FMT_* (except some pixdesc constants) enum PixelFormat -> enum AVPixelFormat Losen some version checks in certain newer pixel formats. av_pix_fmt_descriptors -> av_pix_fmt_desc_get This removes support for FFmpeg 1.0.x, which is even older than Libav 9.x. Support for it probably was already broken, and its libswresample was rejected by our build system anyway because it's broken. Mostly untested; it does compile with Libav 9.9.
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--- a/old-configure
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@@ -2600,7 +2600,7 @@ fi
echores "$_lcms2"
-all_libav_libs="libavutil > 51.73.0:libavcodec > 54.34.0:libavformat > 54.19.0:libswscale >= 2.0.0"
+all_libav_libs="libavutil >= 52.3.0:libavcodec > 54.34.0:libavformat > 54.19.0:libswscale >= 2.0.0"
echocheck "Libav ($all_libav_libs)"
if test "$ffmpeg" = auto ; then
IFS=":" # shell should not be used for programming