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commands: simplify legacy command-to-property bridge
There are many input commands which are redundant to properties. They were parsed like normal commands, but set_property_command() in command.c handled them automatically using the property mechanism. This still required having the command specifications around, and the code in command.c was quite messy. Replace this with a text based replacement mechanism. Some corner cases are not handled: commands of form "seek_chapter 3 1" are supposed to set the "chapter" property to 3. This use is probably rare, and doesn't show up in the default input.conf. The reason compatibility is kept is because breaking input.conf is quite annoying, so a minimal effort is made to avoid this. Currently we print an annoying warning every time a legacy command is used, though. Also add a compatibility entry for "pt_step", which was removed some time ago. Variations in whitespace are not handled, but it's good enough to deal with old input.conf entries.
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