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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2016-09-16 14:25:50 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2016-09-16 14:49:23 +0200
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player: use better way to wait for input and dispatching commands
Instead of using input_ctx for waiting, use the dispatch queue directly. One big change is that the dispatch queue will just process commands that come in (e.g. from client API) without returning. This should reduce unnecessary playloop excutions (which is good since the playloop got a bit fat from rechecking a lot of conditions every iteration). Since this doesn't force a new playloop iteration on every access, this has to be enforced manually in some cases. Normal input (via terminal or VO window) still wakes up the playloop every time, though that's not too important. It makes testing this harder, though. If there are missing wakeup calls, it will be noticed only when using the client API in some form. At this point we could probably use a normal lock instead of the dispatch queue stuff.
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2 files changed, 26 insertions, 7 deletions
diff --git a/misc/dispatch.c b/misc/dispatch.c
index 4f1cca03ec..dca39e5fe1 100644
--- a/misc/dispatch.c
+++ b/misc/dispatch.c
@@ -30,6 +30,8 @@ struct mp_dispatch_queue {
pthread_cond_t cond;
void (*wakeup_fn)(void *wakeup_ctx);
void *wakeup_ctx;
+ // Make mp_dispatch_queue_process() exit if it's idle.
+ bool interrupted;
// The target thread is blocked by mp_dispatch_queue_process(). Note that
// mp_dispatch_lock() can set this from true to false to keep the thread
// blocked (this stops if from processing other dispatch items, and from
@@ -185,10 +187,11 @@ void mp_dispatch_run(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue,
// function can be much higher if the suspending/locking functions are used, or
// if executing the dispatch items takes time. On the other hand, this function
// can return much earlier than the timeout due to sporadic wakeups.
-// It is also guaranteed that if at least one queue item was processed, the
-// function will return as soon as possible, ignoring the timeout. This
-// simplifies users, such as re-checking conditions before waiting. (It will
-// still process the remaining queue items, and wait for unsuspend.)
+// Note that this will strictly return only after:
+// - timeout has passed,
+// - all queue items were processed,
+// - the possibly acquired lock has been released
+// It's possible to cancel the timeout by calling mp_dispatch_interrupt().
void mp_dispatch_queue_process(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue, double timeout)
int64_t wait = timeout > 0 ? mp_add_timeout(mp_time_us(), timeout) : 0;
@@ -243,18 +246,33 @@ void mp_dispatch_queue_process(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue, double timeout)
} else {
item->completed = true;
- } else if (wait > 0) {
+ } else if (wait > 0 && !queue->interrupted) {
struct timespec ts = mp_time_us_to_timespec(wait);
- pthread_cond_timedwait(&queue->cond, &queue->lock, &ts);
+ if (pthread_cond_timedwait(&queue->cond, &queue->lock, &ts))
+ break;
} else {
- wait = 0;
queue->idling = false;
assert(queue->frame == &frame);
queue->frame = frame.prev;
+ queue->interrupted = false;
+ pthread_mutex_unlock(&queue->lock);
+// If the queue is inside of mp_dispatch_queue_process(), make it return as
+// soon as all work items have been run, without waiting for the timeout. This
+// does not make it return early if it's blocked by a mp_dispatch_lock().
+// If mp_dispatch_queue_process() is called in a reentrant way (including the
+// case where another thread calls mp_dispatch_lock() and then
+// mp_dispatch_queue_process()), this affects only the "topmost" invocation.
+void mp_dispatch_interrupt(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue)
+ pthread_mutex_lock(&queue->lock);
+ queue->interrupted = true;
+ pthread_cond_broadcast(&queue->cond);
diff --git a/misc/dispatch.h b/misc/dispatch.h
index 7a0d037cab..a762e47cd2 100644
--- a/misc/dispatch.h
+++ b/misc/dispatch.h
@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@ void mp_dispatch_enqueue_autofree(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue,
void mp_dispatch_run(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue,
mp_dispatch_fn fn, void *fn_data);
void mp_dispatch_queue_process(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue, double timeout);
+void mp_dispatch_interrupt(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue);
void mp_dispatch_lock(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue);
void mp_dispatch_unlock(struct mp_dispatch_queue *queue);