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commands: handle property clamping in m_option
Instead of clamping property values to the valid range in each property implementation, handle it in the property layer. The functionality to handle clamping for each type is in m_option.c. It's not really clear whether this is really needed. Normally, the raw values for M_PROPERTY_SET come only from m_option_type.parse (setting properties as string) or from m_option_parse.add (using the "switch" input command). However, since this was already done before, and since we _really_ want to be sure only to write valid values, add this code anyway. The newly added warnings/error messages should never actually be printed during normal operation and are for debugging (if they happen, we definitely want to see them).
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diff --git a/m_property.h b/m_property.h
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--- a/m_property.h
+++ b/m_property.h
@@ -159,14 +159,6 @@ char* mp_property_print(const char *name, void* ctx);
/// \brief Helper functions for common property types.
-/// Clamp a value according to \ref m_option::min and \ref m_option::max.
-#define M_PROPERTY_CLAMP(prop,val) do { \
- if(((prop)->flags & M_OPT_MIN) && (val) < (prop)->min) \
- (val) = (prop)->min; \
- else if(((prop)->flags & M_OPT_MAX) && (val) > (prop)->max) \
- (val) = (prop)->max; \
- } while(0)
/// Implement get.
int m_property_int_ro(const m_option_t* prop,int action,
void* arg,int var);