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ao_pcm, core: use new API in ao_pcm, change timing with it
Change ao_pcm to use the new audio output driver API and clean up some of the code. Rewrite the logic controlling how playback timing works when using -ao pcm. Deprecate the "fast" suboption; its only effect now is to print a warning, but it's still accepted so that specifying it is not an error. Before, timing with -ao pcm and video enabled had two possible modes. In the default mode playback speed was rather arbitrary - not realtime, but not particularly fast. -ao pcm:fast tried to play back at maximum video playback speed - mostly succeeding, but not quite guaranteed to work in all cases. Now the default is to play at realtime speed. The -benchmark option can now be used to get faster playback (same as the video-only case). In the audio-only case playback is always maximum speed.
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