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committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2012-10-12 10:10:31 +0200
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options: accept "yes" and "no" only for flags
This removes the alternative values like "off", "0", "false" etc., and also the non-English versions of these. This is done for general consistency. It's better to have a single way of doing things when multiple ways don't add singificant value. Also update some choices for consistency.
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diff --git a/m_option.h b/m_option.h
index acbbb3fd9f..69694c4286 100644
--- a/m_option.h
+++ b/m_option.h
@@ -488,7 +488,7 @@ static inline void m_option_free(const m_option_t *opt, void *dst)
#define OPT_CHOICE_OR_INT_(optname, varname, flags, minval, maxval, choices, ...) OPT_GENERAL(optname, varname, (flags) | CONF_RANGE, .min = minval, .max = maxval, .priv = (void *)&(const struct m_opt_choice_alternatives[]){OPT_HELPER_REMOVEPAREN choices, {NULL}}, __VA_ARGS__)
#define OPT_TIME(...) OPT_GENERAL(__VA_ARGS__, .type = &m_option_type_time)
-#define OPT_TRACKCHOICE(name, var) OPT_CHOICE_OR_INT(name, var, 0, 0, 8190, ({"off", -2}, {"no", -2}, {"auto", -1}))
+#define OPT_TRACKCHOICE(name, var) OPT_CHOICE_OR_INT(name, var, 0, 0, 8190, ({"no", -2}, {"auto", -1}))
// subconf must have the type struct m_sub_options.
// flagv should be M_OPT_MERGE or M_OPT_FLATTEN.