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diff --git a/loader/win32.h b/loader/win32.h
index 9a8dd72724..246bdc1499 100644
--- a/loader/win32.h
+++ b/loader/win32.h
@@ -7,12 +7,8 @@
#include <wine/winbase.h>
#include <com.h>
-extern void* my_mreq(int size, int to_zero);
-extern int my_release(void* memory);
-extern void* my_realloc(void *memory,int size);
extern void my_garbagecollection(void);
typedef struct {
UINT uDriverSignature;
HINSTANCE hDriverModule;
@@ -26,234 +22,12 @@ typedef DRVR *LPDRVR;
typedef struct tls_s tls_t;
-extern int WINAPI ext_unknown(void);
-extern int WINAPI expIsBadWritePtr(void* ptr, unsigned int count);
-extern int WINAPI expIsBadReadPtr(void* ptr, unsigned int count);
-extern int WINAPI expDisableThreadLibraryCalls(int module);
-extern HMODULE WINAPI expGetDriverModuleHandle(DRVR* pdrv);
-extern HMODULE WINAPI expGetModuleHandleA(const char* name);
-extern void* WINAPI expCreateThread(void* pSecAttr, long dwStackSize, void* lpStartAddress,
- void* lpParameter, long dwFlags, long* dwThreadId);
-extern void* WINAPI expCreateEventA(void* pSecAttr, char bManualReset,
- char bInitialState, const char* name);
-extern void* WINAPI expSetEvent(void* event);
-extern void* WINAPI expResetEvent(void* event);
-extern void* WINAPI expWaitForSingleObject(void* object, int duration);
-extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expIsProcessorFeaturePresent(DWORD v);
-extern void WINAPI expGetSystemInfo(SYSTEM_INFO* si);
-extern long WINAPI expGetVersion(void);
-long WINAPI expGetVersionExA(OSVERSIONINFOA* c);
-extern HANDLE WINAPI expHeapCreate(long flags, long init_size, long max_size);
-extern void* WINAPI expHeapAlloc(HANDLE heap, int flags, int size);
-extern long WINAPI expHeapDestroy(void* heap);
-extern long WINAPI expHeapFree(int arg1, int arg2, void* ptr);
-extern void* WINAPI expHeapReAlloc(HANDLE heap,int flags,void* lpMem,int size);
-extern long WINAPI expHeapSize(int heap, int flags, void* pointer);
-extern long WINAPI expGetProcessHeap(void);
-extern void* WINAPI expVirtualAlloc(void* v1, long v2, long v3, long v4);
-extern int WINAPI expVirtualFree(void* v1, int v2, int v3);
-extern void WINAPI expInitializeCriticalSection(CRITICAL_SECTION* c);
-extern void WINAPI expEnterCriticalSection(CRITICAL_SECTION* c);
-extern void WINAPI expLeaveCriticalSection(CRITICAL_SECTION* c);
-extern void WINAPI expDeleteCriticalSection(CRITICAL_SECTION *c);
-extern int WINAPI expGetCurrentThreadId(void);
-extern int WINAPI expGetCurrentProcess(void);
-extern void* WINAPI expTlsAlloc(void);
-extern int WINAPI expTlsSetValue(tls_t* index, void* value);
-extern void* WINAPI expTlsGetValue(tls_t* index);
-extern int WINAPI expTlsFree(tls_t* index);
-extern void* WINAPI expLocalAlloc(int flags, int size);
-extern void* WINAPI expLocalReAlloc(int handle,int size,int flags);
-extern void* WINAPI expLocalLock(void* z);
-extern void* WINAPI expGlobalAlloc(int flags, int size);
-extern void* WINAPI expGlobalLock(void* z);
-extern int WINAPI expGlobalSize(void* amem);
-extern int WINAPI expLoadStringA(long instance, long id, void* buf, long size);
-extern long WINAPI expMultiByteToWideChar(long v1, long v2, char* s1, long siz1, short* s2, int siz2);
-extern long WINAPI expWideCharToMultiByte(long v1, long v2, short* s1, long siz1, char* s2, int siz2, char* c3, int* siz3);
-extern long WINAPI expGetVersionExA(OSVERSIONINFOA* c);
-extern HANDLE WINAPI expCreateSemaphoreA(char* v1, long init_count, long max_count, char* name);
-extern long WINAPI expReleaseSemaphore(long hsem, long increment, long* prev_count);
-extern long WINAPI expRegOpenKeyExA(long key, const char* subkey, long reserved, long access, int* newkey);
-extern long WINAPI expRegCloseKey(long key);
-extern long WINAPI expRegQueryValueExA(long key, const char* value, int* reserved, int* type, int* data, int* count);
-extern long WINAPI expRegCreateKeyExA(long key, const char* name, long reserved,
- void* classs, long options, long security,
- void* sec_attr, int* newkey, int* status);
-extern long WINAPI expRegSetValueExA(long key, const char* name, long v1, long v2, void* data, long size);
-extern long WINAPI expRegOpenKeyA (long hKey, LPCSTR lpSubKey, int* phkResult);
-extern long WINAPI expQueryPerformanceCounter(long long* z);
-extern long WINAPI expQueryPerformanceFrequency(long long* z);
-extern long WINAPI exptimeGetTime(void);
-extern void* WINAPI expLocalHandle(void* v);
-extern void* WINAPI expGlobalHandle(void* v);
-extern int WINAPI expGlobalUnlock(void* v);
-extern void* WINAPI expGlobalFree(void* v);
-extern void* WINAPI expGlobalReAlloc(void* v, int size, int flags);
-extern int WINAPI expLocalUnlock(void* v);
-extern void* WINAPI expLocalFree(void* v);
-extern HRSRC WINAPI expFindResourceA(HMODULE module, char* name, char* type);
-extern HGLOBAL WINAPI expLoadResource(HMODULE module, HRSRC res);
-extern void* WINAPI expLockResource(long res);
-extern int WINAPI expFreeResource(long res);
-extern int WINAPI expCloseHandle(long v1);
-extern const char* WINAPI expGetCommandLineA(void);
-extern LPWSTR WINAPI expGetEnvironmentStringsW(void);
-extern void * WINAPI expRtlZeroMemory(void *p, size_t len);
-extern void * WINAPI expRtlMoveMemory(void *dst, void *src, size_t len);
-extern void * WINAPI expRtlFillMemory(void *p, int ch, size_t len);
-extern int WINAPI expFreeEnvironmentStringsW(short* strings);
-extern int WINAPI expFreeEnvironmentStringsA(char* strings);
-extern LPWSTR WINAPI expGetEnvironmentStringsW(void);
-LPCSTR WINAPI expGetEnvironmentStrings(void);
-extern int WINAPI expGetStartupInfoA(STARTUPINFOA *s);
-extern int WINAPI expGetStdHandle(int z);
-extern int WINAPI expGetFileType(int handle);
-extern int WINAPI expSetHandleCount(int count);
-extern int WINAPI expGetACP(void);
-extern int WINAPI expGetModuleFileNameA(int module, char* s, int len);
-extern int WINAPI expSetUnhandledExceptionFilter(void* filter);
-extern int WINAPI expLoadLibraryA(char* name);
-extern int WINAPI expFreeLibrary(int module);
-extern void* WINAPI expGetProcAddress(HMODULE mod, char* name);
-extern long WINAPI expCreateFileMappingA(int hFile, void* lpAttr,
- long flProtect, long dwMaxHigh, long dwMaxLow, const char* name);
-extern long WINAPI expOpenFileMappingA(long hFile, long hz, const char* name);
-extern void* WINAPI expMapViewOfFile(HANDLE file, DWORD mode, DWORD offHigh, DWORD offLow, DWORD size);
-extern void* WINAPI expUnmapViewOfFile(void* view);
-extern void* WINAPI expSleep(int time);
-extern void* WINAPI expCreateCompatibleDC(int hdc);
-extern int WINAPI expGetDeviceCaps(int hdc, int unk);
-extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expDeleteDC(int hdc);
-extern void* WINAPI expGetWindowDC(int hdc);
-extern void* WINAPI expCreateFontA(void);
-extern int WINAPI expGetPrivateProfileIntA(const char* appname, const char* keyname, int default_value, const char* filename);
-extern int WINAPI expGetProfileIntA(const char* appname, const char* keyname, int default_value);
-extern int WINAPI expGetPrivateProfileStringA(const char* appname, const char* keyname,
- const char* def_val, char* dest, unsigned int len, const char* filename);
-extern int WINAPI expWritePrivateProfileStringA(const char* appname, const char* keyname,
- const char* string, const char* filename);
-extern int WINAPI expDefDriverProc(int _private, int id, int msg, int arg1, int arg2);
-extern int WINAPI expSizeofResource(int v1, int v2);
-extern int WINAPI expGetLastError(void);
-extern void WINAPI expSetLastError(int error);
-extern long WINAPI exptimeGetTime(void);
-extern int WINAPI expStringFromGUID2(GUID* guid, char* str, int cbMax);
-extern int WINAPI expGetFileVersionInfoSizeA(const char* name, int* lpHandle);
-extern int WINAPI expIsBadStringPtrW(const short* string, int nchars);
-extern int WINAPI expIsBadStringPtrA(const char* string, int nchars);
-extern long WINAPI expInterlockedIncrement( long* dest );
-extern long WINAPI expInterlockedDecrement( long* dest );
-extern void WINAPI expOutputDebugStringA( const char* string );
-extern int WINAPI expGetDC(int hwnd);
-extern int WINAPI expGetDesktopWindow(void);
-extern int WINAPI expReleaseDC(int hwnd, int hdc);
-extern int WINAPI expLoadCursorA(int handle,LPCSTR name);
-extern int WINAPI expSetCursor(void *cursor);
-extern int WINAPI expGetCursorPos(void *cursor);
-extern int WINAPI expRegisterWindowMessageA(char *message);
-extern int WINAPI expGetProcessVersion(int pid);
-extern int WINAPI expGetCurrentThread(void);
-extern int WINAPI expGetOEMCP(void);
-extern int WINAPI expGetCPInfo(int cp,void *info);
-extern int WINAPI expGetSysColor(int pid);
-extern int WINAPI expGetSysColorBrush(int pid);
-extern int WINAPI expGetSystemMetrics(int index);
-extern int WINAPI expGetSystemPaletteEntries(int hdc, int iStartIndex, int nEntries, void* lppe);
-extern int WINAPI expGetTimeZoneInformation(LPTIME_ZONE_INFORMATION lpTimeZoneInformation);
-extern void WINAPI expGetLocalTime(SYSTEMTIME* systime);
-extern int WINAPI expGetSystemTime(SYSTEMTIME* systime);
-extern int WINAPI expGetEnvironmentVariableA(const char* name, char* field, int size);
-extern void* WINAPI expCoTaskMemAlloc(ULONG cb);
-extern void WINAPI expCoTaskMemFree(void* cb);
-extern long WINAPI expCoCreateInstance(GUID* rclsid, struct IUnknown* pUnkOuter,
- long dwClsContext, GUID* riid, void** ppv);
-extern int WINAPI expIsRectEmpty(CONST RECT *lprc);
-extern unsigned int WINAPI expGetTempPathA(unsigned int len, char* path);
-extern HANDLE WINAPI expFindFirstFileA(LPCSTR s, LPWIN32_FIND_DATAA lpfd);
-extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expFindClose(HANDLE h);
-extern UINT WINAPI expSetErrorMode(UINT i);
-extern UINT WINAPI expGetWindowsDirectoryA(LPSTR s,UINT c);
-extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expDeleteFileA(LPCSTR s);
-extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expFileTimeToLocalFileTime(const FILETIME* cpf, LPFILETIME pf);
-extern UINT WINAPI expGetTempFileNameA(LPCSTR cs1,LPCSTR cs2,UINT i,LPSTR ps);
-extern HANDLE WINAPI expCreateFileA(LPCSTR cs1,DWORD i1,DWORD i2,
-extern LPCSTR WINAPI expGetSystemDirectoryA(void);
-extern DWORD WINAPI expSetFilePointer(HANDLE h, LONG val, LPLONG ext, DWORD whence);
-extern HDRVR WINAPI expOpenDriverA(LPCSTR szDriverName, LPCSTR szSectionName,
- LPARAM lParam2);
-HDRVR WINAPI expOpenDriver(LPCSTR szDriverName, LPCSTR szSectionName,
- LPARAM lParam2) ;
-extern WIN_BOOL WINAPI expGetProcessAffinityMask(HANDLE hProcess,
- LPDWORD lpProcessAffinityMask,
- LPDWORD lpSystemAffinityMask);
-extern DWORD WINAPI expRegEnumValueA( HKEY hkey, DWORD index, LPSTR value, LPDWORD val_count,
- LPDWORD reserved, LPDWORD type, LPBYTE data, LPDWORD count );
-extern INT WINAPI expMulDiv(int nNumber,int nNumerator,int nDenominator);
-extern LONG WINAPI explstrcmpiA(const char* str1, const char* str2);
-extern LONG WINAPI explstrlenA(const char* str1);
-extern LONG WINAPI explstrcpyA(char* str1, const char* str2);
-extern LONG WINAPI explstrcpynA(char* str1, const char* str2,int len);
-extern LONG WINAPI explstrcatA(char* str1, const char* str2);
-extern LONG WINAPI expInterlockedExchange(long *dest, long l);
-void WINAPI expInitCommonControls(void);
-extern HRESULT WINAPI expCoCreateFreeThreadedMarshaler(void *pUnkOuter, void **ppUnkInner);
-extern int WINAPI expDuplicateHandle(
- HANDLE hSourceProcessHandle, // handle to source process
- HANDLE hSourceHandle, // handle to duplicate
- HANDLE hTargetProcessHandle, // handle to target process
- HANDLE* lpTargetHandle, // duplicate handle
- DWORD dwDesiredAccess, // requested access
- int bInheritHandle, // handle inheritance option
- DWORD dwOptions // optional actions
-extern HRESULT WINAPI expCoInitialize(
- LPVOID lpReserved /* [in] pointer to win32 malloc interface
- (obsolete, should be NULL) */
-extern void* CDECL expmalloc(int size);
-extern void CDECL expfree(void* mem);
-extern void* CDECL expnew(int size);
-extern int CDECL expdelete(void* memory);
-extern int CDECL exp_initterm(int v1, int v2);
-extern int expwsprintfA(char* string, char* format, ...);
-extern char* expstrrchr(char* string, int value);
-extern char* expstrchr(char* string, int value);
-extern int expstrlen(char* str);
-extern int expstrcpy(char* str1, const char* str2);
-extern int expstrcmp(const char* str1, const char* str2);
-extern int expstrncmp(const char* str1, const char* str2, int);
-extern int expstrcat(char* str1, const char* str2);
-extern int expisalnum(int c);
-extern int expmemmove(void* dest, void* src, int n);
-extern int expmemcmp(void* dest, void* src, int n);
-extern void *expmemcpy(void* dest, void* src, int n) ;
-extern time_t exptime(time_t* t);
-extern int exprand(void);
-extern void expsrand(int seed);
-extern int exp_ftol(float f);
-extern int expsprintf(char* str, const char* format, ...);
-extern double explog10(double x);
-extern double expcos(double x);
-extern double exppow(double x, double y);
-extern int expsscanf(const char* str, const char* format, ...);
-extern void* expfopen(const char* path, const char* mode);
-extern int expfprintf(void* stream, const char* format, ...);
-extern int expprintf(const char* format, ...);
-extern void* expwcscpy(WCHAR* dst, const WCHAR* src);
-extern int exp_stricmp(const char*, const char*);
extern void* LookupExternal(const char* library, int ordinal);
extern void* LookupExternalByName(const char* library, const char* name);
+extern void* my_mreq(int size, int to_zero);
+extern int my_release(void* memory);