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Remove win32/qt/xanim/real binary codecs loading
Remove the win32 loader - the win32 emulation layer, as well as the code for using DirectShow/DMO/VFW codecs. Remove loading of xanim, QuickTime, and RealMedia codecs. The win32 emulation layer is based on a very old version of wine. Apparently, wine code was copied and hacked until it was somehow able to load a limited collection of binary codecs. It poked around in the code segment of some known binary codecs to disable unsupported win32 API calls to make them work. Example from module.c: for (i=0;i<5;i++) RVA(0x19e842)[i]=0x90; // make_new_region ? for (i=0;i<28;i++) RVA(0x19e86d)[i]=0x90; // call__call_CreateCompatibleDC ? for (i=0;i<5;i++) RVA(0x19e898)[i]=0x90; // jmp_to_call_loadbitmap ? for (i=0;i<9;i++) RVA(0x19e8ac)[i]=0x90; // call__calls_OLE_shit ? for (i=0;i<106;i++) RVA(0x261b10)[i]=0x90; // disable threads Just to show how utterly insane this code is. You wouldn't want even your worst enemy to have to maintain this. In fact, it seems nobody made major changes to this code ever since it was committed. Most formats can be decoded by libavcodecs these days, and the loader couldn't be used on 64 bit platforms anyway. The same is (probably) true for the other binary codecs. General note about how support for win32 codecs could be added back: It's not possible to replace the win32 loader code by using wine as library, because modern wine can not be linked with native Linux programs for certain reasons. It would be possible to to move DirectShow video decoding into a separate process linked with wine, like the CoreAVC-for-Linux patches do. There is also the mplayer-ww fork, which uses the dshownative library to use DirectShow codecs on Windows.
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diff --git a/loader/win32.h b/loader/win32.h
deleted file mode 100644
index bc2a28aeb8..0000000000
--- a/loader/win32.h
+++ /dev/null
@@ -1,34 +0,0 @@
- * Modified for use with MPlayer, detailed changelog at
- *
- */
-#ifndef MPLAYER_WIN32_H
-#define MPLAYER_WIN32_H
-#include <time.h>
-#include "wine/windef.h"
-#include "wine/winbase.h"
-#include "com.h"
-void my_garbagecollection(void);
-typedef struct {
- UINT uDriverSignature;
- HINSTANCE hDriverModule;
- DRIVERPROC DriverProc;
- DWORD dwDriverID;
-} DRVR;
-typedef DRVR *PDRVR;
-typedef DRVR *NPDRVR;
-typedef DRVR *LPDRVR;
-typedef struct tls_s tls_t;
-void* LookupExternal(const char* library, int ordinal);
-void* LookupExternalByName(const char* library, const char* name);
-#endif /* MPLAYER_WIN32_H */