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client API: avoid redundant property change events if possible
This is done simply by comparing the previous and current values. Do this only if the requested format is not MPV_FORMAT_NONE.
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diff --git a/libmpv/client.h b/libmpv/client.h
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--- a/libmpv/client.h
+++ b/libmpv/client.h
@@ -752,6 +752,10 @@ int mpv_get_property_async(mpv_handle *ctx, uint64_t reply_userdata,
* Observing a property that doesn't exist is allowed, although it may still
* cause some sporadic change events.
+ * If you set the format parameter to a value other than MPV_FORMAT_NONE, the
+ * API will suppress redundant change events by comparing the raw value against
+ * the previous value.
+ *
* @param reply_userdata This will be used for the mpv_event.reply_userdata
* field for the received MPV_EVENT_PROPERTY_CHANGE
* events. (Also see section about asynchronous calls,