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client API: expose the internal clock
May or may not be useful in some ways. We require a context parameter for this just to be sure, even if the internal implementation currently doesn't. That's one less mpv internal function for the Lua wrapper.
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diff --git a/libmpv/client.h b/libmpv/client.h
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--- a/libmpv/client.h
+++ b/libmpv/client.h
@@ -351,6 +351,18 @@ void mpv_suspend(mpv_handle *ctx);
void mpv_resume(mpv_handle *ctx);
+ * Return the internal time in microseconds. This has an arbitrary start offset,
+ * but will never wrap or go backwards (note: the latter is probably a lie in
+ * the current implementation, it can go backwards on system clock changes).
+ *
+ * Note that this is always the real time, and doesn't necessarily have to do
+ * with playback time. For example, playback could go faster or slower due to
+ * playback speed, or due to playback being paused. Use the "time-pos" property
+ * instead to get the playback status.
+ */
+int64_t mpv_get_time_us(mpv_handle *ctx);
* Data format for options and properties. The API functions to get/set
* properties and options support multiple formats, and this enum describes
* them.