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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2014-08-26 20:39:23 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2014-08-26 20:39:23 +0200
commit480febf043be47f21b322c03abbcac953a67c468 (patch)
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input: make all modifier flags unsigned
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diff --git a/input/keycodes.h b/input/keycodes.h
index 49a7f8d533..4d13c653a3 100644
--- a/input/keycodes.h
+++ b/input/keycodes.h
@@ -228,29 +228,29 @@
// Emit a command even on key-up (normally key-up is ignored). This means by
// default they binding will be triggered on key-up instead of key-down.
// This is a fixed part of the keycode, not a modifier than can change.
-#define MP_KEY_EMIT_ON_UP (1<<22)
+#define MP_KEY_EMIT_ON_UP (1u<<22)
// Use this when the key shouldn't be auto-repeated (like mouse buttons)
// Also means both key-down key-up events produce emit bound commands.
// This is a fixed part of the keycode, not a modifier than can change.
-#define MP_NO_REPEAT_KEY (1<<23)
+#define MP_NO_REPEAT_KEY (1u<<23)
/* Modifiers added to individual keys */
-#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_SHIFT (1<<24)
-#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_CTRL (1<<25)
-#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_ALT (1<<26)
-#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_META (1<<27)
+#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_SHIFT (1u<<24)
+#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_CTRL (1u<<25)
+#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_ALT (1u<<26)
+#define MP_KEY_MODIFIER_META (1u<<27)
// Flag for key events. Multiple down events are idempotent. Release keys by
// sending the key code with KEY_STATE_UP set, or by sending
// MP_INPUT_RELEASE_ALL as key code.
-#define MP_KEY_STATE_DOWN (1<<28)
+#define MP_KEY_STATE_DOWN (1u<<28)
// Flag for key events. Releases a key previously held down with
// MP_KEY_STATE_DOWN. Do not send redundant UP events and do not forget to
// release keys at all with UP. If input is unreliable, use MP_INPUT_RELEASE_ALL
// or don't use MP_KEY_STATE_DOWN in the first place.
-#define MP_KEY_STATE_UP (1<<29)
+#define MP_KEY_STATE_UP (1u<<29)