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codecs: add Video Decode Acceleration Framework codec
Video Decode Acceleration Framework is a framework by Apple to provide GPU assisted H.264 decoding. It is available on Mac OS X v10.6.3 and later with Mac models equipped with the NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, GeForce 320M, GeForce GT 330M, ATI HD Radeon GFX, Intel HD Graphics and others. This commit uses the new video decoder added in FFmpeg based upon this framework.
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diff --git a/etc/codecs.conf b/etc/codecs.conf
index ab9267c5a9..9d4e8c9e0c 100644
--- a/etc/codecs.conf
+++ b/etc/codecs.conf
@@ -732,6 +732,22 @@ videocodec ffh264crystalhd
driver ffmpeg
dll h264_crystalhd
+videocodec ffh264vda
+ info "FFmpeg H.264 (VDA)"
+ status working
+ fourcc H264,h264
+ fourcc X264,x264
+ fourcc avc1,AVC1
+ fourcc davc,DAVC
+ fourcc vvvc ; only one sample using this fourcc
+ fourcc ai55,ai15 ; flip4mac avc intra
+ fourcc ai1q,ai5q ; flip4mac avc intra
+ fourcc ai12 ;AVC Intra 100 / 1080
+ format 0x10000005
+ driver ffmpeg
+ dll h264_vda
+ out YUY2,UYVY,YV12,NV12
videocodec ffsvq3
info "FFmpeg Sorenson Video v3 (SVQ3)"
status working