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Remove dvdnav support (DVD menus)
When the internal mplayer MPEG demuxer was removed (commit 1fde09db), the default demuxer when using dvdnav was set to libavformat. Now it turns out that this doesn't work with libavformat. It will terminate playback right after the audio runs out (instead of looping it like the video, or whatever it's supposed to do). I'm not sure what exactly the problem is, but since 1. even mplayer-svn can't handle DVD menus directly (missing highlights), 2. DVD menus are essentially worthless, and 3. I don't directly watch DVDs, don't bother with it and remove it. For basic playback, there's still libdvdread support. Also, use pkg-config for libdvdread, and drop support for in-tree libdvdread. Remove support for in-tree libdvdcss as well.
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@@ -135,20 +135,6 @@ n tv_step_norm
u tv_step_chanlist
-# Requires dvdnav://
-KP8 {dvdnav} dvdnav up
-KP2 {dvdnav} dvdnav down
-KP4 {dvdnav} dvdnav left
-KP6 {dvdnav} dvdnav right
-KP5 {dvdnav} dvdnav menu
-KP_ENTER {dvdnav} dvdnav select
-MOUSE_BTN0 {dvdnav} dvdnav mouse
-KP7 {dvdnav} dvdnav prev
# Apple Remote section