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Revert "m_option: make geometry code GPL-only"
This reverts commit e30fe38a212d52bca4693941a7cfa9e44b675a66. The original author as well as the author from d568eaa2 agreed to LGPL now. The only one missing is 0842caf6 (Henk could not be reached, and that will probably stay this way). When I discussed this with someone else who knows a lot about copyright (j-b), the conclusion was that the rewrite was actually enough to remove all past copyright. Only the syntax and the option name remained the same, but code, code structure, and architecture all changed radically. So I'm content with dropping the GPL part. (m_option.c is still formally GPL due to the special agreement with michael, but once this is fullfilled, we will change the license to LGPL without further checks.)
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