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options: change license of most files to LGPL (except options.c/.h)
All authors of the current code have agreed (as far as this commit requires). options.c/options.h will take more effort, because it contains all the option declarations, and thus is touched extremely often. m_option.c is technically still GPL, because of commit 2c82d5a1d85378dd0 (michael has agreed to LGPL, but only once the core of mpv is LGPL). The geometry parsing code in m_option.c was originally by someone who could not be reached. However, it was heavily rewritten anyway, and only the syntax remains (i.e. not copyright-relevant). parse_commandline.c contains a change by "adland" (commit 1d0ac71ae8ba), who could not be reached - this this specific part is GPL only. Fortunately, it matters only for DVD (and even then is more like a hack, but whatever). There are some other relevant changes, but they have all been reverted, moved somewhere else, deleted, or replaced.
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