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stream: change license to LGPL
All relevant authors have agreed. There are two exceptions, patches by authors who could not be reached. This commit tries to remove their copyright. a0f08fbe: messes with the seeking code corner cases. The EOF flag logic was changed at some point, and always had a flaky history (see e.g. 347cf972 50274ca3 70411f27 5999efb9 0d5e6084 ff08d0c3 2e2f77e3 de5566f0 9554a844, all which happened after that patch, MPlayer ones without that patch). I claim that all of the copyright the patch might have added is gone. Except the message in stream_seek(), which this commit removes. The other code removed/changed in stream_seek() is probably not from that patch, but it doesn't hurt to be sure, and also makes it more readable. (It might change the behavior so that sometimes the eof flag is set after a seek, but it doesn't matter here.) 2aa6acd9: it looks like the seek_forward() modified by this patch was later moved to stream.c and renamed to stream_skip_read() in a790f2133. (Looking closer at it, it was actually modified again a bunch of times, fixing the logic.) I rewrote it in this commit. The code ended up rather similar, which probably could lead to doubts whether this was done properly, but I guess the reader of this will just have to believe me. I knew what stream_skip_read() was supposed to do (which was reinforced when I tried to replace it on the caller side), without reading the pre-existing code in detail. I had to "relearn" the logic how buf_pos and bug_len work - it was actually easy to see from stream_read_char() how to skip the data, essentially by generalizing its logic from 1 byte to N bytes. From the old code I only "used" the fact that it's obviously a while(len>0) look, that has to call stream_fill_buffer repeatedly to make progress. At first I actually didn't use stream_fill_buffer_by(), but the variant without _by, but readded it when I checked why the old code used it (see cd7ec016e7). This has to be good enough. In the end, it's hard to argue that this could be implemented in a way not using such a loop. Other than this, I could add the usual remarks about how this code was not modularized in the past, and how stream.c contained DVD code, and how this was later modularized, moving the copyright to other files, and so on. Also, if someone wrote a stream module, and was not asked about LGPL relicensing, we don't consider the entry in stream_list[] copyrightable.
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