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sd_ass: remove dead code
With the FFmpeg subtitle decoder used for _all_ non-ASS text subtitle format, this code is simply unused now. Ironically, the FFmpeg subtitle decoder does not handle things correctly in a bunch of cases. Should it turn out they actually matter, they will have to hack back. The extend_event one is a candidate, although even though there were allegedly files which need it, I couldn't get samples from the user who originally reported such files. As such, extend_event was only confirmed to handle trailing events with no (endless) duration like with MicroDVD and LRC, but FFmpeg "fudges" these anyway, so no special handling is needed. This code also had logic to handle seeking with muxed srt subtitles, which made the sub-seek command work. But this has been broken before this commit already. Currently, seeking with muxed srt subs will clear all subtitles, as the broken FFmpeg ASS format output by the libavcodec subtitle converters does not check for duplicates. Since the subtitles are all cleared, ass_step_sub() can not work properly and sub-seek can not seek to already seen subtitles.
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