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video/out: remove video mode switching (--vm)
This allowed making the player switch the monitor video mode when creating the video window. This was a questionable feature, and with today's LCD screens certainly not useful anymore. Switching to a random video mode (going by video width/height) doesn't sound too useful either. I'm not sure about the win32 implementation, but the X part had several bugs. Even in mplayer-svn (where x11_common.c hasn't been receiving any larger changes for a long time), this code is buggy and doesn't do the right thing anyway. (And what the hell _did_ it do when using multiple physical monitors?) If you really want this, write a shell script that calls xrandr before and after calling mpv. vo_sdl still can do mode switching, because SDL has native support for it, and using it is trivial. Add a new sub-option for this.
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