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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2013-07-18 14:05:39 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2013-07-18 14:07:21 +0200
commitc4b08a9a1149a83d7374eaea9863dd4c7cbd12d7 (patch)
tree46dbfc1850b7166948b4447332a20edefcedc779 /core/command.c
parent05cf512dc56aab1aaf12884e44065cf2fc03c11e (diff)
video: remove fullscreen flags chaos
There was a MPOpts fullscreen field, a mp_vo_opts.fs field, and VOFLAG_FULLSCREEN. Remove all these and introduce a mp_vo_opts.fullscreen flag instead. When VOs receive VOCTRL_FULLSCREEN, they are supposed to set the current fullscreen mode to the state in mp_vo_opts.fullscreen. They also should do this implicitly on config(). VOs which are capable of doing so can update the mp_vo_opts.fullscreen if the actual fullscreen mode changes (e.g. if the user uses the window manager controls). If fullscreen mode switching fails, they can also set mp_vo_opts.fullscreen to the actual state. Note that the X11 backend does almost none of this, and it has a private fs flag to store the fullscreen flag, instead of getting it from the WM. (Possibly because it has to deal with broken WMs.) The fullscreen option has to be checked on config() to deal with the -fs option, especially with something like: mpv --fs file1.mkv --{ --no-fs file2.mkv --} (It should start in fullscreen mode, but go to windowed mode when playing file2.mkv.) Wayland changes by: Alexander Preisinger <> Cocoa changes by: Stefano Pigozzi <>
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1 files changed, 3 insertions, 4 deletions
diff --git a/core/command.c b/core/command.c
index a5504438de..d57a0976e4 100644
--- a/core/command.c
+++ b/core/command.c
@@ -1032,12 +1032,11 @@ static int mp_property_fullscreen(m_option_t *prop,
struct mp_vo_opts *opts = mpctx->video_out->opts;
if (action == M_PROPERTY_SET) {
- if (opts->fs == !!*(int *) arg)
- return M_PROPERTY_OK;
+ int val = *(int *)arg;
+ opts->fullscreen = val;
if (mpctx->video_out->config_ok)
vo_control(mpctx->video_out, VOCTRL_FULLSCREEN, 0);
- mpctx->opts.fullscreen = opts->fs;
- return M_PROPERTY_OK;
+ return opts->fullscreen == val ? M_PROPERTY_OK : M_PROPERTY_ERROR;
return mp_property_generic_option(prop, action, arg, mpctx);