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authorStefano Pigozzi <>2013-02-17 16:35:44 +0100
committerStefano Pigozzi <>2013-02-21 22:23:08 +0100
commite540e5d4da607420cc10f4c2b412aa0ff3d1fb5c (patch)
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parent41c1749f46e0e36af39be2487ee992cbf18e6679 (diff)
core: add fs-screen option for fullscreen display selection
`--fs-screen` allows to decide what display to go fullscreen into. The semantics of `--screen` changed and now it is only used to select the windowed display when starting the application. This is useful for people using mpv with an external TV. They will start windowed on their laptop's screen and switch to fullscreen on the TV. @wm4 worked on the x11 and w32 parts of the code. All is squashed in one commit for history clarity.
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diff --git a/core/cfg-mplayer.h b/core/cfg-mplayer.h
index 23c4bedee8..3a79702959 100644
--- a/core/cfg-mplayer.h
+++ b/core/cfg-mplayer.h
@@ -613,6 +613,9 @@ const m_option_t mplayer_opts[]={
{"mouseinput", &vo_nomouse_input, CONF_TYPE_FLAG, 0, 1, 0, NULL},
OPT_CHOICE_OR_INT("screen", vo_screen_id, 0, 0, 32,
+ ({"default", -1})),
+ OPT_CHOICE_OR_INT("fs-screen", vo_fsscreen_id, 0, 0, 32,
({"all", -2}, {"current", -1})),
OPT_INTRANGE("brightness", vo_gamma_brightness, 0, -100, 100),