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+/* -------- Generated by ./configure ----------- */
+/* Define this to enable avg. byte/sec-based AVI sync method by default:
+ (use -bps or -nobps commandline option for run-time method selection) */
+#undef AVI_SYNC_BPS
+/* Undefine this if you want soundcard-only timing by default:
+ You can still change this with the -alsa or -noalsa command-line option!
+ (This function was originally impemented to solve ALSA driver's big
+ buffer problems, but it seems to be useful for every soundcard drivers) */
+#define ALSA_TIMER
+/* Undefine this if your soundcard driver has no working select().
+ If you have kernel Oops, player hangups, or just no audio, you should
+ try to recompile MPlayer with this option disabled! */
+/* You have a choice for MP3 decoding: mp3lib(mpg123) or Win32(l3codeca.acm)
+ #define this if you prefer mpg123 (with 3Dnow! support) than l3codeca.acm
+ (with mmx/sse optimizations)
+ You can still change it runtime using -afm 1 (mpg123) or -afm 4 (l3codeca)*/
+#undef DEFAULT_MPG123
+/* XMMP support: (test code) */
+#define LIBDIR "/usr/local/lib"
+#define PLUGINDIR LIBDIR "/xmmp/Plugins"
+/* LIRC (remote control, see support: */
+#undef HAVE_LIRC
+/* Define if your processor stores words with the most significant
+ byte first (like Motorola and SPARC, unlike Intel and VAX). */
+/* #define WORDS_BIGENDIAN */
+#define ARCH_X86
+// NOTE: Instead of modifying these here, use the --enable/--disable options
+// of the ./configure script! See ./configure --help for details.
+/* termcap flag for getch2.c */
+#define USE_TERMCAP
+/* Extension defines */
+#undef HAVE_MLIB // available only on solaris
+#undef HAVE_3DNOW // only define if you have 3DNOW (AMD k6-2, AMD Athlon, iDT WinChip, etc.)
+#define HAVE_MMX // only define if you have MMX
+#define HAVE_SSE // only define if you have SSE (Intel Pentium III or Celeron II)
+/* libvo options */
+#define SCREEN_SIZE_X 1
+#define SCREEN_SIZE_Y 1
+#define HAVE_X11
+#undef HAVE_XV
+#define HAVE_GL
+#undef HAVE_SDL
+#undef HAVE_3DFX
+#define HAVE_MGA
+#define HAVE_SYNCFB
+#if defined(HAVE_GL)||defined(HAVE_X11)|defined(HAVE_XV)
+#define X11_FULLSCREEN