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authorwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2015-08-07 15:45:27 +0200
committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2015-08-07 15:45:27 +0200
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parentdd5c87e1d7cc11be76c56ad89317194816e4344b (diff)
av_common: remove deprecated API usage
As the removed comment says, not copying this field may cause problems on older libav* releases. See also commit 5f7de399. Remove this, as newer FFmpeg releases are available. As of this commit, use of mpv with FFmpeg 2.5.x and below, or Libav 11 and below is not recommended, and may lead to random video decoding issues. (Although the failure cases are apparently somewhat obscure.)
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diff --git a/common/av_common.c b/common/av_common.c
index 05c694702d..3611abe8f6 100644
--- a/common/av_common.c
+++ b/common/av_common.c
@@ -66,8 +66,6 @@ void mp_copy_lav_codec_headers(AVCodecContext *avctx, AVCodecContext *st)
avctx->block_align = st->block_align;
avctx->channel_layout = st->channel_layout;
avctx->bits_per_coded_sample = st->bits_per_coded_sample;
- // Required in FFmpeg 2.5.x / Libav 11, deprecated afterwards.
- avctx->stream_codec_tag = st->stream_codec_tag;
// We merely pass-through our PTS/DTS as an int64_t; libavcodec won't use it.