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travis: update macOS images and make building faster
don't build our own ffmpeg anymore and instead use the bottled version from homebrew. update the newest macOS image. also handle macOS 10.12 as a legacy OS since homebrew and Apple stopped supporting it. nevertheless it's helpful to build on that version since it's the last version we support building on. it's a bit special since we have to pin the homebrew-core version to a previous one where all the bottles for macOS 10.12 are still available, otherwise it would build nearly everything from source and that would take ages. also start caching the homebrew cache folder for downloads.
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@@ -1,38 +0,0 @@
-#!/usr/bin/env bash
-set -e
-# Get the sauce if not around
-if [[ ! -d "${FFMPEG_SRC_DIR}" ]] ; then
- git clone "" "${FFMPEG_SRC_DIR}"
-# pop into FFmpeg's source dir and clean up & check out our wanted revision
-pushd "${FFMPEG_SRC_DIR}"
-git reset --hard HEAD && git clean -dfx
-git checkout "${FFMPEG_HASH}"
-# If a build dir of the same type is around, clean it up
-if [[ -d "${FFMPEG_BUILD_DIR}" ]] ; then
- rm -rf "${FFMPEG_BUILD_DIR}"
-# Create and move into the build dir, configure and build!
-mkdir -p "${FFMPEG_BUILD_DIR}" && pushd "${FFMPEG_BUILD_DIR}"
-PKG_CONFIG_PATH="${FFMPEG_SYSROOT}/lib/pkgconfig/" ../configure \
- --disable-{autodetect,stripping} \
- --cc="${CC}" \
- --cxx="${CXX}" \
- --prefix="${FFMPEG_SYSROOT}" \
- --enable-{zlib,securetransport,videotoolbox}
-make -j4 && make install && popd
-exit 0