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switch the build system to waf
This commit adds a new build system based on waf. configure and Makefile are deprecated effective immediately and someday in the future they will be removed (they are still available by running ./old-configure). You can find how the choice for waf came to be in `DOCS/waf-buildsystem.rst`. TL;DR: we couldn't get the same level of abstraction and customization with other build systems we tried (CMake and autotools). For guidance on how to build the software now, take a look at and the cross compilation guide. CREDITS: This is a squash of ~250 commits. Some of them are not by me, so here is the deserved attribution: - @wm4 contributed some Windows fixes, renamed configure to old-configure and contributed to the bootstrap script. Also, GNU/Linux testing. - @lachs0r contributed some Windows fixes and the bootstrap script. - @Nikoli contributed a lot of testing and discovered many bugs. - @CrimsonVoid contributed changes to the bootstrap script.
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+#!/usr/bin/env python
+# This script simply downloads waf to the current directory
+from __future__ import print_function
+import os, sys, stat, hashlib
+ from urllib.request import urlopen
+ from urllib2 import urlopen
+WAFRELEASE = "waf-1.7.13"
+SHA256HASH = "03cc750049350ee01cdbc584b70924e333fcc17ba4a2d04648dab1535538a873"
+waf = urlopen("" + WAFRELEASE).read()
+if SHA256HASH == hashlib.sha256(waf).hexdigest():
+ with open("waf", "wb") as wf:
+ wf.write(waf)
+ os.chmod("waf", os.stat("waf").st_mode | stat.S_IXUSR)
+ print("Checksum verified.")
+ print("The checksum of the downloaded file does not match!")
+ print("Please download and verify the file manually.")
+ sys.exit(1)