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committerwm4 <wm4@nowhere>2013-11-12 23:16:31 +0100
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audio/filter: prepare filter chain for non-interleaved audio
Based on earlier work by Stefano Pigozzi. There are 2 changes: 1. Instead of, mp_audio.planes[0] must be used. 2. mp_audio.len used to contain the size of the audio in bytes. Now mp_audio.samples must be used. (Where 1 sample is the smallest unit of audio that covers all channels.) Also, some filters need changes to reject non-interleaved formats properly. Nothing uses the non-interleaved features yet, but this is needed so that things don't just break when doing so.
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diff --git a/audio/audio.h b/audio/audio.h
index de35e697c8..b5cae0c83c 100644
--- a/audio/audio.h
+++ b/audio/audio.h
@@ -23,14 +23,19 @@
// Audio data chunk
struct mp_audio {
- void *audio; // data buffer
- int len; // buffer length (in bytes)
- int rate; // sample rate
+ int samples; // number of samples in data (per channel)
+ void *planes[MP_NUM_CHANNELS]; // data buffer (one per plane)
+ int rate; // sample rate
struct mp_chmap channels; // channel layout, use mp_audio_set_*() to set
int format; // format (AF_FORMAT_...), use mp_audio_set_format() to set
// Redundant fields, for convenience
- int nch; // number of channels (redundant with chmap)
- int bps; // bytes per sample (redundant with format)
+ int sstride; // distance between 2 samples in bytes on a plane
+ // interleaved: bps * nch
+ // planar: bps
+ int nch; // number of channels (redundant with chmap)
+ int spf; // sub-samples per sample on each plane
+ int num_planes; // number of planes
+ int bps; // size of sub-samples (af_fmt2bits(format) / 8)
void mp_audio_set_format(struct mp_audio *mpa, int format);
@@ -43,4 +48,20 @@ bool mp_audio_config_equals(const struct mp_audio *a, const struct mp_audio *b);
char *mp_audio_fmt_to_str(int srate, const struct mp_chmap *chmap, int format);
char *mp_audio_config_to_str(struct mp_audio *mpa);
+void mp_audio_force_interleaved_format(struct mp_audio *mpa);
+int mp_audio_psize(struct mp_audio *mpa);
+void mp_audio_set_null_data(struct mp_audio *mpa);
+void mp_audio_realloc(struct mp_audio *mpa, int samples);
+void mp_audio_realloc_min(struct mp_audio *mpa, int samples);
+int mp_audio_get_allocated_size(struct mp_audio *mpa);
+void mp_audio_fill_silence(struct mp_audio *mpa, int start, int length);
+void mp_audio_copy(struct mp_audio *dst, int dst_offset,
+ struct mp_audio *src, int src_offset, int length);
+void mp_audio_skip_samples(struct mp_audio *data, int samples);