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committerKevin Mitchell <>2018-02-03 05:00:52 -0800
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options: slightly improve filter help output for lavfi bridge
--vf=help will now list libavfilter filters, and e.g. --vf=yadif=help will list libavfilter filter options. The latter is rather bare, because the AVOption API is really awful (holy shit how is it so bad), and would require us to handle _every_ option type manually. Alternatively we could call av_opt_show2(), which ffmpeg uses for help output in its CLI tools and which is much more detailed. But it's rather foreign and forces output through av_log(), so I don't really want to use it.
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--- a/TOOLS/
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@@ -29,11 +29,11 @@ my @opts = parse_main_opts('--list-options', '^ (\-\-[^\s\*]*)\*?\s*(.*)');
die "Couldn't find any options" unless (@opts);
-my @ao = parse_opts('--ao=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*: (.*)');
-my @vo = parse_opts('--vo=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*: (.*)');
+my @ao = parse_opts('--ao=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*(.*)');
+my @vo = parse_opts('--vo=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*(.*)');
-my @af = parse_opts('--af=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*: (.*)');
-my @vf = parse_opts('--vf=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*: (.*)');
+my @af = parse_opts('--af=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*(.*)');
+my @vf = parse_opts('--vf=help', '^ ([^\s\:]*)\s*(.*)');
my @protos = parse_opts('--list-protocols', '^ ([^\s]*)');