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player: deprecate 'config' files (use mpv.conf), warn against clashes
Apparently there's at least one distro which ships a /etc/mpv/mpv.conf file (mpv doesn't install such a file). This breaks config files named 'config' located in the user's mpv config directory, because mpv first loads files named 'config' and then 'mpv.conf'. There is no mechanism for putting files with different names into the same config path order. (Even worse, that mpv.conf file only set an option to the default value. Why do distros always do very stupid things?) Print a warning on collisions. Although using 'config' was well-supported, supporting both names is starting to become messy, so deprecate 'config' and print a warning if one is found. At least we will be able to remove the whole mess once 'config' files are ignored... This also affects the osx-bundle, which intentionally used these not-so- optimal semantics. Solve it in a different way. (Unfortunately with an ifdef - it's not required, but having to explain everyone why mpv tries to load a osx-bundle.mpv file on Linux and Windows would consume energy.) Closes #1569.
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