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osx: improve bundle handling
we have two problems here. first when mpv is started from the bundle it uses its own environment variables and possibly can't find for example the youtube-dl binary for our youtube-dl hook. second we couldn't reliable determine when mpv was started from the bundle, which led to the pseudo-gui usage even when the binary was invoked from a shell. to prevent this we will wrap the bundle binary with a shell script, which will only be called when we start mpv from the bundle. this way we can get the same environment variables, like $PATH, for our bundle and additional we can set the pseudo-gui only when started through this script. it is also possible to detect the bundle usage properly and accurately through the usage of another environment var. Fixes #2061
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- <string>mpv</string>
+ <string></string>
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+export MPVBUNDLE="true"
+$SHELL -l -c "$(dirname "$0")/mpv --player-operation-mode=pseudo-gui"
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