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add Travis-CI integration
Travis-CI [1] is a continous integration cloud service. It is free for open-source projects and tigthly integrated tiwh GitHub so there is really no reason for us not use it. :) For now we are going to do a total of 4 builds, mainly to test ffmpeg/libav API breakage: * ffmpeg-stable, libass-stable * ffmpeg-git, libass-stable * libav-stable, libass-stable * libav-git, libass-stable The compiler that is currently used is clang for two reasons: * running 8 build targets would be quite wasteful and take a long time * clang is less tested and used during development than gcc (especially on linux) Currently Travis doesn't support OS X environments alongside Linux ones [2]. When it will, we will add a fifth build target to test OS X compilation breakage. README was moved to markdown to add the little build status image. I ran some tests with my GitHub fork and couldn't get images to show up using ReStructured Text. [1]: [2]: travis-ci/travis-ci#216
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+[![Build Status](](
+**mpv** is a movie player based on MPlayer and mplayer2. It supports a wide
+variety of video file formats, audio and video codecs, and subtitle types.
+If you are wondering what's different from mplayer2 and MPlayer you can read
+more about the [changes][changes].
+Compiling with full features requires development files for several
+external libraries. Below is a list of some important requirements. For
+more information see the output of `./configure --help` for a list of options,
+or look at the list of enabled and disabled features printed after running
+`./configure`. If you think you have support for some feature installed
+but configure fails to detect it, the file `config.log` may contain
+information about the reasons for the failure.
+Essential dependencies (incomplete list):
+- gcc or clang
+- X development headers (xlib, X extensions, libvdpau, libGL, libXv, ...)
+- Audio output development headers (libasound, pulseaudio)
+- fribidi, freetype, fontconfig development headers (for libass)
+- libass
+- FFmpeg libraries (libavutil libavcodec libavformat libswscale libpostproc)
+- libjpeg
+- libquvi if you want to play Youtube videos directly
+- libx264 if you want to use encoding (has to be explicitly enabled when
+ compiling ffmpeg)
+Most of the above libraries are available in suitable versions on normal
+Linux distributions. However FFmpeg is an exception (distro versions may be
+too old to work at all or work well). For that reason you may want to use
+the separately available build wrapper ([mpv-build][mpv-build]) that first compiles FFmpeg
+libraries and libass, and then compiles the player statically linked against
+If you are running Mac OSX and using homebrew we provide [homebrew-mpv][homebrew-mpv], an up
+to date formula that compiles mpv with sensible dependencies and defaults for
+Bug reports
+Please use the [issue tracker][issue tracker] provided by GitHub to send us bug
+reports or feature requests.
+For small changes you can just send us pull requests through GitHub. For bigger
+changes come and talk to us on IRC before you start working on them. It will
+make code review easier for both parties later on.
+You can find us on IRC in `#mpv-player` on ``
+[issue tracker]: