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build: require recent libass
Nobody should use an older version. It's perfectly backwards and forward compatible, so distros have no excuse not to package a recent version. Older versions lack tons of bug fixes (some of them crashing bugs, and potentially security relevant). With love to Debian, which is still on 0.10.2.
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@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ Essential dependencies (incomplete list):
At least FFmpeg 2.1.4 or Libav 10 is required.
- zlib
- iconv (normally provided by the system libc)
-- libass
+- libass (OSD, OSC, text subtitles)
- Lua (optional, required for the OSC pseudo-GUI and youtube-dl integration)
- libjpeg (optional, used for screenshots only)
- Enca (optional, for subtitle charset detection)