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README: cleanup contact section
I spotted to the grammatically incorrect "it's", and ended up redoing parts of the section.
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@@ -119,17 +119,17 @@ make code review easier for both parties later on.
-These forms of contact are meant to ask questions about mpv usage, give
-feedback on mpv and discuss it's development.
+Most activity happens on the IRC channel and the github issue tracker. The
+mailing lists are mostly unused.
-If possible, please avoid posting bugs here and use the [issue tracker][issue-tracker]
- - **Users IRC Channel**: `#mpv-player` on ``
+ - **Github issue tracker**: [issue tracker][issue-tracker] (report bugs here)
+ - **User IRC Channel**: `#mpv-player` on ``
+ - **Developer IRC Channel**: `#mpv-player-dev` on ``
- **Users Mailing List**: `` ([Archive / Subscribe][mpv-users]).
- **Devel Mailing List**: `` ([Archive / Subscribe][mpv-devel])
-To contact the `mpv` team in private write to ``.
+To contact the `mpv` team in private write to ``. Use
+only if discretion is required.